Four Inexpensive Tips to Freshen Your Home to Sell

These relatively easy tasks can be accomplished in a single day

These 4 tips will help get your home looking, smelling and feeling nice to prospective buyers - without breaking the bank.

1. Deep clean the carpets
You may not think your house has a smell, but anyone new coming in will notice if there is an odour right away. Especially if you have pets, cleaning needs to be done. It's relatively cheap to rent a carpet cleaning machine, or borrow one from a friend and all you have to buy is rug shampoo.

2. Pressure wash the exterior and walkways
You may just find your house is a different colour than you thought! Over the years, dirt can build up on the outside of your house. Rent a pressure washer and give the exterior walls and walkways a good spray-down. Siding or brick can take whatever pressure you throw at them but go a little easier on grout or painted surfaces.

3. Get Rid of Broken or Damaged Items
That comfy chair or cracked planter might work for you, but it can make your house look a little rundown. Go through the inside and outside of your house and get rid of those items; de-clutter and give your home a fresh feeling. At the same time you can replace any broken fixtures or burnt out light bulbs. Light is an essential part to properly showing off your space.

4. Take care of the finishing touches
Little things go a long way. Take a look around your home and update any outdated or tired fixtures. Replace brass light fixtures, handles or doorknobs with brushed metal. Swap out ugly or painted-over outlet covers and vents with bright clean white ones. These finishing touches register to the eye and give the home an updated feel.

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