Four Great Tips to Save On Your Heating Bill

Heating your home this winter doesn't have to freeze your bank account

As winter temperatures settle in to the Okanagan valley, we all look forward to the warmth of home and hearth as a respite from the frosty outdoors. But during the winter months, our utilities bill can give us a chill as our heating systems work overtime to keep out the cold. Here are 4 great, inexpensive tips to reduce your heating costs during this winter:

1. Move furniture away from the radiators, registers and vents. That summer furniture configuration might be blocking the flow of warmth which can create colder rooms. Wherever possible move them out of the way and allow the heat to balance throughout the house.

2. Reverse the fans. Ceiling fans can help to circulate the warm air downwards into the rest of the house. While some experts still feel this cools things off, it is worth experimenting

vaulted ceilings. Simply reverse the direction to clockwise and circulate the warm air. If you find it cools things off too much then you can always turn them off.

3. Curtains are your ally. Your windows can be a major conduit of heat - and heat loss - to your home. Make sure that the curtains are open during the daylight to allow for the sun to shine in and bring extra solar warmth. Close them just before sunset to trap that heat in your home.

4. Change your furnace filter. Keeping a clean furnace filter in a forced air system can reduce your energy usage by up to 5%. Besides keeping the dust down in the house, this will also help the whole heating system to last longer which will save you money in the long run.

So there's some pointers to help save you a few dollars this winter. Stay warm and enjoy the season.

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